Sunday Children’s Church begins at 11:00 AM with Brother Joel Johnson bringing the sermon.

In these last days, our kids don’t need less of God’s Word, they need more in a way that’s fun, exciting, and can compete with what the world has to offer. We as a church (commanded by our Savior in The Great Commission) have a responsibility to give this generation the tools they need to fight the enemy. It is not the time to back off the Spirit-filled message. Yes, you can be cool, relevant and Pentecostal!

Calvary promotes these three main principals:

Sunday School – discipleship and foundation Bible teaching

Sunday Children’s Church – A church of their own with upbeat contemporary P&W, sermons on their level which encourage participation, prayer & most importantly FUN!

W.O.W. (Worship on Wednesday) – Outreach to the community with Van ministry and meal provided. We come together in our church area for P&W and prayer, then split off into age specific groups for Bible study and discussion.

“Children’s Ministry is the most important calling the 21st Century Church will ever participate in.” ~ George Barna
Vicki Boles

About Route 16

Vicki Boles and Joel Johnson are the directors of Route 16. Our name came from our Pastor’s vision, that our calling as a church is that we will be a Mark 16 church; powerful and that “these signs shall follow them that believe.” Our teens are M-16, so our Children’s Ministry is the beginning of that journey. Route 16, in that “Life is a Highway” and we are introducing them to the map: God’s Word, and teaching them how to hear and follow the signs that He puts before us.

Vision: A children’s program that empowers them through the Word for daily living; creates a firm biblical foundation on which to build; promotes application and creates an unbreakable bond between them, God, and their Christian peer group; teaches Pentecostal values and doctrine; and invites enthusiastic participation of children and workers in areas of Bible study, praise & worship, and prayer.